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Only days before their wedding, Reza loses his job, he is so short of money that the wedding is postponed indefinitely. Reza finds another way out by migrating to the big city to find a job that will allow him to return to Ezora and get married. The lovers’ good-bye is surrounded by pain and devastation, but they both know they must stand up for one another… because when love is real it resists anything, even distance.

Cast : Fazura, Beego, Dynas, Zed Zaidi, Fezrul Khan, Diana Rafar, Cat Farish.
Director : Ahmad Idham

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ezora Episode 30

EZORA episode 30
Episod kali ni buat aku makin pening. Adreen dapat tau adik dia Leeya pregnent and nak buat abortion. Dia pon pergi jumpa si Reza siap kasi warning. Reza tak caya so dia pon call Ezora suruh jangan caya kalau ade orang cakap Leeya preggy. Leeya tu rasanya pregnent bukan anak Reza tapi si Bad. Oni call Nadia suruh balik KL kalau dia nak kawin ngan Adreen. Tu aje detail boleh tengok kat TV3 online.

kalau boleh pas tgk bg la komen mcm mane dgn cite untuk episode kali nie...

Part 1:-

Part 2:-

Part 3:-

Part 4:-

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